Wednesday, July 18, 2007

months after it's release, it's not too hyperbolic to claim that "someone great" is THE track off sound of silver. stylus recently did a piece on it's heartbreaking lyrics (which are pretty effing heartbreaking) but as good as they are the real hook for me has always been the track. it's droning loop, stabbing synths, and twinkling chimes are entrancing. it was the most memorable section of 45:33 and i immediately made an instrumental edit of the track because i got tired of having to fast forward 20 minutes into it. when i heard it as a stand alone track on s.o.s. i felt like i knew james murphy. like i knew what he thought was great. if 45:33 was the result of experimenting and noodling, the someone great section was the diamond in the rough. catchy as "young folks," "atlas," "declare independance," and "i'm a flirt" may be, "someone great" is my favorite track of the year so far. and it might be james murphy's best track to date.

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