Saturday, July 14, 2007

as per brother marcos bupp's request...
i give you- the second sequel to bingo.
it's a little teenagers heavy because recently they've been blowing my mind. they've taken phoenix's "united" formula and gotten all railed up on lines of simian mobile disco. but the icing on this cake is actually right smack dab in the middle of the thing. pogo. damn. wuh-oh!

1. friday night at the drive-in bingo – jens lekman
2. i don’t want to be nice – john cooper clarke
3. pictures of (cindy) – josef k
4. we are the teenagers – the teenagers
5. pogo - digitalism
6. city (the teenagers rmx) – lo-fi-fnk
7. divebomb (crystal castles rmx) – the whip
8. the illness (teenagers rmx) goodbooks
9. homecoming (guns n’ bombs rmx) – the teenagers
10. sleep deprivation - s.m.d.

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